A Time only for you


We create this Brand “Spiritual Moment Now” to invite you

to take Place for yourself

To listen to your Inner world

To feel Good

To spend time with Meditation

To enjoy amazing food

To spend Time with exciting Events

To feel and know your True Beauty

To eat Healthy

To detox the Body and Mind

To support Local Artists

To travel with cool People

To Help you to discover the World

Our philosophy is simple.

A Happy Life starts with Happy Steps.

This is why we focus on simple but amazing Steps:

Soul Juice & Smoothie for your Body: When you are Healthy you can enjoy more. Feel better. Good food raises your Mood. Sleep better, have more Energy for your Daily Life.

Soul Jewelry: Through supporting local Artists and wearing beautiful powerful Soul Jewelry, you are a supporter for our Planet. Help others is to help yourself. And the Jewelry has a Story behind it, you will find your own spiritual one.

Soul Retreat: Life is about experiencing Things. Soul Retreat is not just a Trip. This is a Soul Trip. A Soul Retreat, A place you and your Soul can take a Break, Can learn to know each other. to discover new Things. We can find a Place for your Wishes, or you jump into our Group Retreat. We are sure, this is going to be amazing Soul Retreat.

Soul Meditation Brunch: Small changes can have a huge effect. These few Hours are like a small Workshop & Retreat for your Soul. Afterwards there are delicious Food and Drinks for your amazing Transformations.

We will be Happy to see you soon.