From the Garden - Fresh & Organic

For this Morning, I would like to invite you to take 2-3 Hours to join us in a beautiful Morning Meditation guided with Live Music to help you get rid of Stress from your Body and Soul. Let the Sound of Music, The Wave of Vibration go through your Body and Touch your Soul gently and softly. 

Afterwards, I’ve prepared amazing Soul Food for you. The Ingredients are Fresh, Bio Organic, Fair trade, Healthy, and made by Selected Local exclusive Food Suppliers specifically for our Meditation Brunch. 


Various Vegetarian/Vegan Food, Bio Coffee,Teas, Juices. Served in Warm and Cold. Soya/Oat/Cow Milk Available.


Guided and Playing Live Spiritual Flow Piano Music - Jiaran (Johanna) Wang

Blankets are available to sit on and to warm you up. Please feel comfortable to bring your own Mat/Socks/Blankets... 


Wish you have a Awesome SPIRITUAL MOMENT NOW


One Price:

36€ pP. All Inklusive


20 Oktober 9:30 - ca:12:30

10 November 9:30 - ca:12:30

Limited Spots:

25 People (Only through online available)


8, Fillgradergasse, 1060 Vienna